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#306 Design concept: Technic

Updated: May 1, 2021

Today we will look at Technic, a useful tool that can be implemented into your MOC to provide a variety of functions.

Technic pieces come in 5 types (see picture for examples): bricks, liftarms, linkers, functional and finishing. Most technic parts come in sizes of unit M, such as 3M. This means that the piece is 3 studs in length.

Here are all of the main ways technic pieces can be used:

1. For starting MOCs - provides a very strong base that can easily be built off

2. Building in different directions – which can be done when pieces such as half pins are attached to technic bricks or when liftarms and bricks are attached on a different orientation

3. Adding detail – pieces such as technic pegs can be added onto bars to give a unique texture

4. Strength - adding lateral and horizontal liftarms and bricks can make large scale MOCs hold under their weight and prevent them from falling apart

5. Features - such as moving gears or power functions can be created using the various technic pieces on offer

6. Perfect parts – some technic pieces are just the right shape and size for engines etc.

For those experience builders, pictured is a technique that uses the technic hole in a 1x1 technic brick to make a customizable decal. It utilises the unique technic hole, which just happens to make the perfect distance between two attached bricks for 1x1 slopes to fit together.


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