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#307 TECHNIQUES - Road markings and lettering

Today's technique is by the user cubo31 on Flickr, who has created a detailed IKEA MOC. The build features a full interior with plenty of awesome details, but today we will be focusing on the outside of the MOC.

Firstly, the road markings look very accurate, and are easily recognizable. These have been made by using a variety of 1x1 slopes and tiles which are positioned sideways to produce the markings.

Next, the lettering on the side of the buildings is also very well done, with the words being readable; something which can be hard to do with LEGO bricks. The IKEA sign is made from bricks positioned using Studs Not On Top bricks, but the "Mo - Fr" lettering uses a technique I have never seen before: jumper plates which make the lettering stick out from the surface of the building. Because the jumper plate is a 2 stud base with 1 stud on top, a small indent is created, and this allows the lettering to be very thin and therefore readable.

You can view cubo31's IKEA MOC here:


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