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It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 6 techniques. Here are 6 unique roof designs, all which give more detail and technique than using slopes and simple hinges and plates

1. Stud towers - 1x1 black studs are stacked up and the towers of studs are slightly warped to create a slight slope

MOC by Andrew JN:

2. Snowy roofs - a variety of pieces in white are used to simulate snow, with everything from tooth pieces to wedge plates

MOC by Halhi141:

3. Wooden panels - a variety of printed, brown and tan tiles make up the roof, with some of them loosely attached to create an interesting texture

MOC by Sebastian Bachórzewski:

4. Corrugated roof - a simple technique that positions plates stacked on each other at an angle to create a corrugated roof

MOC by Tim Gould:

5. Round wooden roof - this technique uses the octagonal modified round plate with clips, plates and tiles attached

MOC by Tommy M:

6. Shield technique - shield pieces are linked with friction between the bar in the backs of them holding them together

MOC by Marin Stipkovic:


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