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#314 TECHNIQUES - Achieving colour hues

Today's technique is by Doug Kinney, who kindly submitted this technique and gave me the photos for the post.

In creating a Logan film poster, he needed a solution to get different hues of red, orange and yellow. Shades or hues of various colours can be hard to achieve in LEGO, as you are restrained by the select few colours that are produced.

However, Doug has come up with a clever technique which uses 3 different layers of tiles and plates, all to achieve a colour gradient to replicate the film poster.

The first layer comprises of white plates for light areas and reddish brown plates for dark areas, with various colours in between also being used. Next, there is a layer of transparent red, orange, yellow and clear plates, which is then followed up by the transparent coloured tiles. The end result is very impressive and the likeness to the poster is stunning.

You can see from the pictures an in-progress shot and the various templates that Doug used in order to plan out the order of plates and tiles he would need.

This technique has other uses in MOCs; for example, using different blue plates underneath transparent blue plates can create waves or bodies of water. It can be used to show depth of the water and in features such as beaches or waterfalls.

Doug will be giving a presentation at Brickworld Chicago next month, talking about this technique. If any of you are planning on going, make sure to pop in to see him and this awesome technique in real life!

Thanks again to Doug for sharing this idea, and if anyone has a technique they would like to share drop an email to


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