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#316 TIPS: Continuous development

Today I want to talk about the development of MOCs over time. If you are a custom builder yourself, you are probably endlessly tinkering and editing your builds. This is a good process to go through, as you will eventually end with a better model.

This process is best shown by LEGO7 on Flickr in an Ewok model him made for his MOC Ewok Family that I have previously featured on this page. It shows nicely how a the Ewok build is refined and in this case new techniques are experimented with and eventually selected, such as the ears, feet and chest. I imagine when physically building the Ewoks, LEGO 7 thought of new ways to do these things, which is why it's always best to build physically if you have the bricks to do so.

Check out the Ewoks here and follow LEGO7 on Flickr if you aren't already:


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