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#320 Design concept: Hinges and other modified bricks

Updated: May 1, 2021

Much like the design concept of Studs Not On Top, hinges form the base for many techniques as they allow you to angle and rotate the attached pieces to your choosing.

Pictured are the most common and widely used hinge and modified bricks, split into 4 categories: clips, locking clips, modified bricks and other (these are not official names just easy ways to refer to them). To note, locking hinges are beneficial to use when you want a secure and strong joint, as the locking fingers hold them in place while normal hinges are more free to move.

Also pictured are 2 different techniques that use hinges or modified bricks. They show just how essential they are to a lot of the techniques out there, from everything to roofs, walls, strong joints for angling other pieces and much more.

The techniques featured are:

Octagonal Hut Roof Technique by Cozie on Flickr:

Curved road section by Playwell Bricks:


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