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#321 TECHNIQUES - Sliding door technique

Last Sunday, I showed you 6 six door techniques, some with a sliding feature. The technique I am sharing with you today has a similar but in my opinion vastly superior mechanism.

The technique was created by Larry Lars on Flickr and uses the concept that a panel piece has the same thickness of a bracket. Therefore when the bracket is positioned upside down, the tiles let it slide.

I built this with physical bricks, as the instructions (pictured) that Larry provided don't quite show that the sliding section is upside down. A few things I noticed from building it were that there is enough friction to hold the door is place, but if a bigger door was made, another sliding mechanism at the top of the door would be needed.

The only disadvantage about this technique is that when the door is shut, you can see the exposed section where the sliding section is. This could be made smaller or made to like look a detail, but it's something worth considering when using this technique.

Finally, I would recommend this for MOCs such as gunships, but it could be added into military bases if the sliding section was integrated into the wall.

You can view the technique here, and hover over the picture for annotations by Larry about how the technique works:


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