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#322 Favourite Brick Friday: Power bursts

This week's favourite brick is a range of minifigure accessories, that can be used for a lot more than you'd think. I'm talking about the power burst elements first introduced in the Super Hero theme.

Not only do these pieces have a interesting moulds, but the variation of shapes would make them useful for techniques such as waterfalls or explosions. Because they are not square, they therefore can capture more natural shapes better than regular bricks can.

A good example of a official set these pieces are used in is Thor's Weapon Quest, (pictured) from the recent film Avengers: Infinity War. Follow this link to the parts list for the set which includes all 6 power bursts:

Because these pieces are so new, only being released in a few sets in 2018, they are not available on and have not appeared in many MOCs. However, I feel they have potential for a great waterfall or fountain such as one built by Azurebrick ( , so I shall definitely be ordering some from Bricklink.


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