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#328 TECHNIQUES - Grill-hinge flooring

So I was sorting through my part collection, and discovered an interesting part connection that I have used in the techniques pictured.

I found that the when the 1x2 hinge pieces were placed on modified bricks with studs on the side and a plate placed on top, two hinges would line up perfectly. This is a rare occurrence because the hinge piece has its hinge positioned slightly higher than it's plate, but this technique works as the modified brick has a similar difference.

This is illustrated in the picture, which shows the pieces together to form a detailed flooring with ventilation grates and pipes. In my opinion this is much more interesting than just using 1x2 grill tiles, and what's better is the hinges and grill make a completely flat surface for minifigures to stand on.

I also used it to make a pillar that has some nice details., which uses an alternate piece to the 1x2 grill.

I plan to use this in an upcoming MOC that I will be hopefully be starting on soon, which I will post updates on in our community group. You can join here if you'd like:


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