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#337 Q&A with a Master Builder: Answers from Martin Latta

Updated: May 1, 2021

Today, Master Builder Martin Latta from Flickr will be answering your questions from last week. Make sure to check out his MOCs via his Flickr account: and his Facebook page for updates in his builds:

So lets get into it; here are his answers that include very useful and interesting information collected from years of building experience:

1. What is your favourite element? - I really like all sorts of transparent windscreens, but also brackets and probably my most favourite one is the brick 1x1 with headlight which allows me to use some crazy SNOT (studs not on top) techniques.

2. What element do you think is missing? - I definitely miss wedge plates in form of tiles and all sorts of other tiles.

3. What is your favourite LEGO colour? - I prefer dark red & lime, but not on the same model.

4. How do you store your pieces? - Right now, my LEGO pieces are almost everywhere in the flat stored in big plastic boxes and lightly sorted but I hope one day I will have my LEGO room.

5. How do you design something like the T-800? Was it a real hard to follow LDD/ file? Did you create a file for the different portions (arms, Legs body) or did you just build it with no real design? - I designed most of my models using sketches and blueprints with all the dimensions converted in Lego units to match the scale of the final model. Then it's just trial and error method. But this doesn't apply to my last model (ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter) which I'm designing using

6. Do you call on others to solve or help solve a building problem you have or do you manage to work it out yourself? - I sometimes ask my friends for an advice, I usually present them few versions of some part of model asking which solution is better. We often disagree...

7. Do you build with others also, or by yourself? If so, what is the most challenging thing about building with someone else? - I haven't done many real group projects yet but I hope that one day I will collaborate on some big space/post-apocalypse diorama.

8. How do you react to finding out about new pieces, like the new brackets? Do your instincts go to modifying old builds, or creating new ones? - I don't modify my old creations much (most of them are disassembled anyway) but I'm always really happy to see some new useful parts, like the mentioned brackets.

Thanks again to Martin Latta for answering your questions and giving such awesome answers!


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