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Mechs have always been a popular building choice, not only because they look awesome but because of the part uses one can utilize for the build. Today we will be focusing on minifigure suits and their ingenious parts uses:

1. JawBreaker by GolPlaysWithLego - uses 5x5 dishes to create a rounded cockpit:

2. - X-39 Multi-Purpose Attach Mech by Titolian - uses old elements that are rarely seen (circled):

3. Oasis Mech by Tyler - uses gears and droid heads to add detail:

4. Battle suit by nobu_tary - uses a varieties of slopes to cover gaps:

5. Minifigure hard suit by Mecharonn - uses hinges which wrap around the minifigure and keep the suit compact:

6. Mecha hard suit by Bricktalks - uses gears, technic and minifigure legs:


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