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#341 Design Concept: Greebling

Updated: May 1, 2021

Greebling with LEGO is the concept of using pieces to create mechanical looking details for any type or scale of MOC. They basically break up boring areas such as the bottom of a starship and make them look more interesting.

As a builder, there is no set list of pieces to use for greebling, as literally everything can look great. However, pictured are just some useful parts that you can use to greeble up your models surface to make them look more interesting. Mechanical colours such as grey or black or commonly used, but it really depends on the MOC itself.

Here are some tips though that can help you create some good greebling: - use a variety of sized pieces - decide whether the greebles should be symmetrical or not; in some cases they should and others not - use clips and other modified plates to position other pieces in ways you normally wouldn't

Apart from those tips, there really is no limit to what you can do with greebling. Check out the MOCs featured in the picture for some inspiration:

LL 228 Long Range Scout by Alec Hole:

Ultimate Collector Series TIE Silencer by Mirko Soppelsa:

Greebling has been also used in many official LEGO sets, most notably the set 10221 Super Star Destroyer.


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