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#348 Design Concept: Tiling

Updated: May 1, 2021

Tiling is a technique used to create smooth surfaces by using plates that have no studs on them; tiles. This can make your MOC look like it’s not made out of LEGO in a way, as hardly any studs are shown. Many if not all MOCs use tiling in some ways, even just to give a nice contrast to studded surfaces.

Some parts such as slopes have smooth surfaces already and therefore give you the tiled effect. However, plates and bricks have to be covered with tiles to give a smooth surface and pictured are some of the tiles available, although they come in a lot of different sizes and colours.

In some cases, builders go overboard on purpose with this technique; this is known as extreme tiling. As stated above, if all of the studs are tiled, the model can look like its not actually made of LEGO.

You can view more pictures of the MOCs pictured using these links:

Bedroom by Quy Chau: Living room by Paula G: Krennic by Paul Trach: Sandtroopers by LEGO7:


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