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#355 TECHNIQUES: Detailed vents

If you have been following this page for a while, you'll know that on Wednesdays I post a new design concept such as SNOT, tiling, offsetting and much more. I have covered all of theses basic design concepts, so now I will be moving towards in different direction.

Because we are coming up to our 1st birthday for the page and a lot of you weren't present for the early posts, I will be reposting the very best techniques from Tips&Bricks in our first year. The posts will be updated with new graphics as well as general improvements to text etc.

So today, enjoy this technique, which to my understanding was first created by Flickr user Slnine. Here is a link to his profile for lots awesome MOCs as well as this technique:

This method of positioning the clips together to create the vents by Slnine is complicated, but they line up perfectly by using bars and 1x1 headlight bricks. The more compact version I have designed is not quite perfect, but the difference is not noticeable. Whichever way is used, the result is a detailed vent that looks much more interesting than just using regular pieces such as 1x2 grill tiles.


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