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#358 FEATURE: The unofficial technique guide (2007)

Today I am sharing with you an unofficial LEGO technique guide, which even though it was produced in 2007, holds a lot of useful information that is great for reinforcing basic techniques.

There is also an interesting introduction about what makes a technique advanced: "What makes a building technique to be advanced? There is no easy answer, advanced is just the way we, adults, feel some building techniques because they do not appeared, at least do not appeared widely, in the officials LEGO® building instructions. Most of these techniques are discovered and then used and developed by adults fan of LEGO (AFOLs) or by LEGO designer in the LEGOLAND™ parks. These techniques generally results in a wide array of interesting design and offer a details resolution which was unavailable previously using classical building. Jake McKee precise, in his book “Getting started with LEGO Trains”, that advanced building techniques “enables not only the creation of specialized shapes and angles, but also various non standard dimensions”


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