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#362 TECHNIQUES: Damaged concrete wall

Today's technique is a one of my all time favourite walls; the damaged concrete wall by Flickr user Marin Stipkovic. You can check out his photostream here:

Marin has used a combination of technic and regular bricks to create this wall, with wooden supports being visible. This is achieved as some bricks have indents in them, which allows you to place elements such as 4L bars. This creates the vertical wooden supports, while the cross in technic bricks, normally used for technic axles, has been utilized to hold the bars at a horizontal level.

He also incorporates lots of parts you wouldn't normally use for walls to create the damaged look, with studs, slopes and even cylinders and technic pins all adding to the destroyed effect.

Make sure to go check out his profile using the link above for some awesome MOCs and other interesting techniques.


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