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#365 TIPS: Colour schemes

A while back, follower Deni Jelincic asked me what the best colour schemes to use for LEGO are. After some research, in my opinion you can make almost any colour combinations looks good.

However, some small tips I would give would be to use a subtle base colour such as white or grey or a primary colour, then add a secondary colour that works well, and finally add some contrasting colours for interest. But to be honest, there are so many ways to do it, so let's look at 3 different MOCs and analyse their colour themes:

Tiger by Simon NH: the dark orange is the main colour, but this blends well with other natural colours such as olive green and dark tan. The blues, pinks and greens contrast well to the overall natural colour scheme.

The Ghost by BrickVault: the white overall colour scheme includes highlights of many other colours, from those contrasting such as red, yellow and blue to those that break up the white such as the greys.

LL 228 Long Range Scout by Alec Hole: The overall blue and light bluish grey are complemented by the transparent yellow.


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