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#384 Favourite Brick Friday: 48729b 1L bar with mechanical claw

This week's favourite brick is the bar with mechanical claw, a pretty common piece which has appeared in over 600 sets.

As well as clipping onto any regular handles, it can also connect to a bunch of other pieces. As shown in the picture, it can attach onto 2x2 round tiles, creating some nice clocks or other patterns.

The clip can connect to other round bricks, such as the 2x2 cylinder. If a 2x2 inverted dish is placed beneath the clip can form a some cargo.

Be careful however as LEGO has changed this piece, releasing a new one in 2012. The old ones without the hole will not fit in the 2x2 round tile, but the new ones with the hole will. Thanks to Marin Stipkovic on Flickr for pointing this out.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}

Clocks by Marin Stipkovic: Cargo by Cab.:


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