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#386 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Damaged techniques

Creating damaged objects or structures can be a great way to incorporate more detail into your MOC, or jut make the environment look lived in. Here are 6 examples of damaged objects you can use:

Broken windows are something very relevant if you focus on military dioramas and scenes, while they are surprisingly easy to make, they can add a lot to your creations. This simple broken window module can be integrated into most conventionally built LEGO houses and can be made with a wide variety of colours.

1. Concrete wall by Marin Stipkovic:

2. Destroyed window by Sheo.:

3. Crashed Imperial Shuttle by Sanel Luković:

4. Scattered glass by Thorsten Bonsch:

5. Crashed car by Aaron Dayman:

6. Smashed window by Darkwater2013 on Youtube:


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