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#406 SET ANALYSIS: Creator 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

I like to keep Saturday's post open for any top of topic not just favourite bricks, MOCs or techniques, so today we will be analysing the new James Bond Creator set. I'll be looking at interesting techniques and inventive part uses, but I won't be able to cover everything simply because there is so much going on.

- A 2x4 is attached to a clip to create a slight protrusion. This connection has not been used in any other recent LEGO sets

- A droid arm is used to position the headlights at an angle

- Chair piece allows for enough room to let the license number swivel

- Detailing elements used to create an engine

- New pieces; 1x1 and 1x2 bricks with curved tops that allow for placement over a 3 stud area. The pieces before covered a 4 stud area.

- Technic axles pivot to provide play features

- Clips uses to position windscreens sideways

Pictures screenshotted from BrickBuilder time-lapse build of the set:


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