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#408 Monday's MOC of the Week: Old Diner

It's not often I pick LEGO Idea projects for the MOC of the Week, but I'm happy to make this the exception. This build called the Old Diner is by Astronaut Avila and currently has 5,970 supporters. Follow this link for more pictures or to support the project and help it get to 10,000 supporters:

So what made this MOC stand out to me from all the rest? Well firstly that lettering, although using printed parts, catches your eye immediately. The colour palette of the MOC is also pleasing, with the nougats, black and tan blending well together.

The interior however is what makes this MOC great; it is very well detailed with fun features and simple yet effective techniques used for parts such as the seats and jukebox. The use of chrome elements is a nice touch, and adds a more realistic touch than just solid colours. Overall, the appearance perfectly mimics an old diner, but it's possibly a bit too clean!


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