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#411 TECHNIQUES: Realistic tree design

Today's technique is a natural tree design by BrickNinja, a great builder who's prominent on many different medias. You can follow him on Instagram, and Flickr using this link:

The internal structure of the tree consists of Bionicle mechanical arms loosely clipped together and then wrapped in the brown chains. This creates the awesome tree trunk that is well textured and has a unique natural shape.

The leaves of the tree also use a clever technique but simple parts. The new leaf elements are attached to the 1x1 'flower' plates, which then allows then to loosely attach to the plant stem elements. These stems are then attached together using various SNOT bricks or just stacked and intertwined together to hold them in place.

Thanks so much to BrickNinja for explaining the techniques and parts that he used to this create tree design. Make sure to follow him on the accounts liked above for some other great techniques and MOCs!


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