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#419 Favourite Brick Friday: 54093 Wing Plate 20 x 56 with 6 x 10 Cutout and No Holes

This week's favourite brick of the month is a departure from the bricks I normally share; they usually are quite small, allowing you to capture small details thanks to their unique shape.

This piece does have a unique shape, but it's 20 x 56 studs long! Yes, it's the 20x56 Wing Plate with cut-out, that has been used by Oscar Cederwall to create a stunning roof design. Check out his post on Flickr here:

Oscar has used the piece to great effect, fully utilizing its long shape as the centrepiece of the MOC. It fits seamlessly with the rest of the building, and looks as if the piece was made for this and not airplanes!

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"color":85,"iconly":0}


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