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#420 TIPS: SNOT pieces and how to classify them

In today's post we'll be looking at the most common SNOT pieces and classifying them.

But first, what is SNOT? It stands for Studs Not On Top, and simply means that you are building sideways or at an angle; i.e. not just straight up.

SNOT pieces allow you to do this, and can be classified into 3 main areas: bricks, plates and brackets.

The bricks and plates are fairly self explanatory, but the brackets are similar to plates, but instead have an extrusion which has studs on. This means that mean that you can use them along side normal plates, but you can see the bracket with displace the attached bricks.

Note: 1x2 - 2x2 means that the plate is 1x2 but the sideways studs are 2x2 Note: The second brick from the left on the second row should be "1x2x5/3"


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