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#423 TECHNIQUES - LEGO Geometry

Some things in LEGO just work, and some don't. These connections can be incredibly satisfying and interesting, so let's look at two cases where LEGO geometry could be used as features in MOCs.

The first technique was originally by John Matz, and uses technic pegs to connect to the edges of 2x2 dishes. This forms a sphere, and more dishes can be added to fill out the sphere. This could be used in a futuristic build or in a building such as a laboratory.

The second technique was originally by Joel Baker, and uses multiple hinge bricks arranged to from a circular shape. 1x2 slopes set the perfect angle for this, which are also used for roofs and other angled builds. The circular shape could be used as thrusters or a roof if turned upside down.

Here are the links to the various builds:


Circular shape:

Hinge brick use:


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