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#425 TECHNIQUES - Tree and vine technique

Today's post features more techniques by Grant Davis. They are part of his 'Mountainside Shrine' MOC, which you can check out on Flickr here:

The first technique is for the tree, where Grant uses 3 different elements to create the design. The new leaf pieces are attached to 6x5 leaves using twig pieces, which make the connection very strong. The result when layering these parts is an impressive design, but unfortunately it only looks good from one direction; but damn does it look good!

The next technique is used to add further detail to the wall. A vine is created by using a similar technique to the wall, where the green droid arms are attached to bars, which connect to a back structure. In order to use the unique flower part, an ice pick is connected to it, as it is the perfect size.

Check out this interesting video where Grant explains all of the techniques he uses in this fantastic MOC:


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