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#431 TECHNIQUES - Mosaics with unconnected parts

Today's technique is by TheBrickAvenger, who uses various unconnected parts to create an awesome mosaic. Check out his post here:

I've shared a few mosaics on this page, but what makes this one stand out is that it doesn't just use 1x1 slopes. TheBrickAvenger has instead chosen to not have any pieces connected or even held by a lot of friction, like 1x1 slope mosaics are. This technique therefore has cracks that look very good, and any piece can be positioned anywhere, such as the black outline of the cat.

You can see there are some supports, where bricks are completely up straight, and therefore connected to a back wall. This gives a little structure, just enough to hold it up, but I bet it was still hard to construct!

Would you ever use this technique in your MOC?


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