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#446 TECHNIQUES - Sideway-studs curved wall

Today I'll be breaking down and explaining another circular wall technique; this one is by Gilbert Despathens on Flickr. Check out his post here:

The technique uses the concept of brick bending where 1x2 bricks and 1x1 cylinders are used to create a curved wall. Gilbert then attaches a brick-built section made up of two plates encasing a 1x2 regular brick, which slots over the curved base. This allows pieces to be attached sideways, and while it may not be the strongest connection, you can't argue with the final results.

Comparatively to other circular wall techniques, this creates a surface where the attached pieces have very few gaps between them. This is partially because the plates have been built up to a level where they can sit next to each other flush, but also because of the way they are attached.

Follow this link for the full breakdown on the InnovaLUG website:

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