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#447 Favourite Brick Friday: 1x2 Modified Plate with Extension and Flexible Tip

This week's favourite piece is quite a rare one, having only appeared in 4 sets between 2009-2011. It is the 1x2 Modified Plate with Extension and Flexible Tip, an incredibly unique piece thanks to its shape and flexible tip.

It's shape can be put to use in a number of ways; Chris Crowley uses it sideways to create the perfect slope angle for his A-Wing MOC:

In this use, it's an alternative to 10x3 wedge slope classically used in A-Wing designs, but with the modified plate a very different shape can be created.

Tobias Buckdahn also came up with a circle using this technique; which does have a distinct use but it's an interesting way to use the part:

So we've established it's shape is unique and useful, but what about the flexible tip? Why is it even made from flexible plastic? I think it's because the tip comes to a sharp point so if it was made from the normal plastic, it would a safety hazard for children.

Here is the piece on BrickLink:{"color":85,"loc":"UK","iconly":0}


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