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#451 TECHNIQUES - Creating diagonal lines

Today we will be discussing how to create diagonal lines with various techniques by different builders.

Wedge plates are the most simple method of creating diagonal lines but the lines created are quite wide and you are limited to those angles and widths.

The first technique involves tiles being used to create the lines, and they are encased in wedge plates. This produces a thinner line but requires experimentation with different wedge plates. The picture shown is by Adrian Drake on Flickr:

The second technique still uses tiles but instead uses slopes to encase them. In a MOC by Tim Goddard, he creates a landing platform with yellow circular markings. The yellow tiles are encased by different slopes such as the 2 x 1 x 3 slopes, but also by corner tiles. Although they are not used in his MOC, the new triangular corner piece could be used to eliminate all the gaps. Check out his post on Flickr for more pictures:


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