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#454 Favourite Brick Friday: 3711 Technic, Link Chain

This week's favourite brick is the technic link chain that has appeared in 55 sets since 1978.

Multiple of this piece are usually connected together using the clips to create chains, however, like most pieces they have many unique uses.

These techniques are all by Brian Kescenovitz, who uses them in inspiring ways. For all 13 pictures where they are used, check out his post on Flickr:

The techniques pictured utilise all the characteristics of the piece, such as their ability to be shaped. This is because of the hinging clips, which allows you to create a malleable surface or wrap them around 2x2 round bricks. The connection is also quite strong as a bridge can be created that is enough to hold a minifigure.

However, something to note is that these techniques stretch the link clips out slightly. Luckily they are made from a more malleable plastic than standard bricks so push back into shape very easily. I would therefore not class these as 'illegal' techniques; if you're about to ask that in the comments ;)

Here is the piece on BrickLink​:,%20Link%20Chain&category=%5BTechnic,%20Link%5D#T=S&O={"iconly":0}


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