#456 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Circular techniques

This Sunday we'll be looking at 4 different techniques to create cylinders or circular walls. These shapes can provide curves and a contrast to square bricks, with each giving different details and effects. For more information on a technique, click the link to take you to that post.

1: Brick bending – MOC by Rocko on Flickr​: https://www.tipsandbricks.co.uk/home/340-techniques-smooth-sided-stairs

2: Sideways studs by Gilbert Despathens: https://www.tipsandbricks.co.uk/home/446-techniques-sideway-studs-curved-wall

3. Clips on fences by Sheo. on Flickr: https://www.tipsandbricks.co.uk/home/251-techniques-round-snot-technique

4: 1x2 tiles and SNOT bricks by Derfel Cadarn: https://www.tipsandbricks.co.uk/home/439-techniques-circular-1x2-tile-wall-design