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#467 TECHNIQUES: Path techniques

Today we will look at 2 techniques you can use to create paths in your MOCs. They both use a range of parts and colours to try and simulate a natural shape and look.

The first technique is by alego alego on Flickr and uses round pieces such as 2x2 and 1x1 round tiles. These pieces in different colours are built up to create a textured and uneven path. Some shrubbery in the form of green stem pieces and lime green tentacles further add to the natural look. Check out the MOC it is used in here:

The second technique is by –soccerkid6 on Flickr and uses very simple pieces to create a dirty path. He builds up plates, tiles and studs to create a different kind of textured surface that contrasts nicely to the grey below and the surrounding white snow. Check out the MOC it is used in here:


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