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#472 TECHNIQUES: Water surfaces

Today we will be looking at two different techniques to create the surface of water in your MOCs.

The first is by Simon Liu, who utilizes the 1x2 transparent bricks to create a flat surface. They have enough 'flex' to them that if you build a large enough piece you can actually bend it and simulate the flow of water. Because the 1x2 bricks are transparent, they have no inner tube so are completely transparent and therefore you can see straight through them. Check out the MOC here:

The second technique is Sean and Steph Mayo and uses 1 x 6 x 5 panels to create the water surface. The panels have the ideal shape to hold studs and other transparent pieces on top of them, while still being a thin layer of pieces. These pieces create a rippling effect and multiple colours simulate the depth of the water. Check out the MOC here:

Which technique is your favourite?


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