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#474 TECHNIQUES: Textured surfaces using hinges

Today's technique uses hinges in a unique way; to create textured surfaces. They are normally just used for create hinging sections or positioning pieces at angles, but these hinges of varying size can also be used to create details and textures.

This technique was used by david zambito on Flickr in his micro-scale Gringotts Vault MOC. The hinges used for the walls fit perfectly with the scale, blending well with the other dark bluish grey rockwork. Check out his MOC here:

The second technique is by myself, AJ_BrickDesigns on Flickr. When sorting through parts, a noticed that hinges attached to SNOT bricks plus a few tiles and plates created a detailed yet completely flat floor. This technique can therefore by used when you need pipes running through the floor but a flat surface for minifigure to stand on. You can check out my post on Flickr here:


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