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#485 MOC of the Week: St. Basil's Cathedral by Markus Rollbühler

This week's MOC feature is one that immediately caught my eye when I saw it, with it's vibrant colours and fantastic detail making for an appealing build. St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow has been recreated in LEGO form by the builder Markus Rollbühler and you can check out his post on Flickr here:…/338467…/in/album-72157651060593006/

This cathedral is a very popular symbol of Russia and was erected in 1588, but now serves as a museum. The elaborate design has been created perfectly with great part uses all around, such as minifigure hands and even Doctor Who's screwdriver that serve as the finishing touches to many of the towers. Various techniques are used all over the model to create the unique shapes, such as the clip to tile/plate connection. The scale Markus has chosen is perfect for the LEGO parts, as just enough detail can be included to incorporate every tower and create it's distinct pattern.


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