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#487 TECHNIQUES: Squared tiled flooring

After the survey this week, I had a lot of you requesting more building instructions and tutorials, so hopefully this technique breakdown satisfies those requests.

So, today's technique is to create perfectly square tiled flooring. This could be achieved with just 2x2 tiles, but aukbricks on Flickr has instead used a variety of pieces to create the lines in between the tiles, and the overall design looks much better.

It may look complicated with all the colours at first, if you'd like to make it, it's easy if you follow the colour code. It relies on the pink brick, a fairly new addition to our collection, the 1 x 1 x 1 2/3 modified brick with studs on the side. This piece's small profile allows it to be used in a thinner base and therefore it can be connected to other sections. The vertical lines are created by attaching plates to the side studs of the modified bricks, and these combined with the horizontal lines create the square tiled flooring.

Check out aukbricks's post and Modern Bathroom MOC that uses this technique on Flickr here:

Today is the last day to get our LEGO building technique handbook at the discounted price of £10, so if you're thinking of picking it up, now is your chance:


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