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#489 Favourite Brick Friday: 3742c01 Plant Flower Small, 4 on Sprue

This week's favourite brick are the small plant flowers, which come with 4 connected together on a sprue. This sprue is usually just discarded, but today we'll look at some ingenious uses that rely on this extra part.

The first is a cherry blossom tree technique by James Shields, who uses the flowers attached to both their sprue and the regular plant stems. This allows him to build large flower bunches that look great. Check out his post here:

The second is by Emil Lidé, aka. Full Plate on Flickr, who uses a similar technique but to create a tree on a much smaller scale. A different plant stem is used, which has more connections points so can achieve a fully conical shape in this scale. Check out his post here:

The last technique is one to create mosaics by JK BrickWorks. He uses the regular stems and there's something very visually satisfying about seeing all of those flowers lined up to create the classic space theme logo. Check out his website here:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"color":"5","iconly":0}


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