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#501 TECHNIQUES: Stone path technique

Today's technique is a unique one originally created by Forlorn Empire, who uses 1x1 round tiles but positions them upside down. This creates smaller stones than can be achieved with regular pieces, and the effect is pretty stunning.

The technique has been used by Grant Davis in his 'Ninja Training' MOC, where he uses 2x2 round tiles to create more contrasting sizes of stones. He attaches some of these to studs on the base, but the rest of the 1x1 round tiles aren't attached and just sit on the tiled surfaces. This allows him to eliminate any gaps as the round tiles can fill in an remaining spaces and aren't limited to where studs are present.

Check out Grant's MOC on Flickr here:

And follow Forlorn Empire on Flickr here if you're not already:


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