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#510 Favourite Brick Friday: Rubber treads

This week's favourite brick(s) are the rubber treads; which are still used in LEGO sets but are being used less and less compared to others.

These particular width of treads have a unique connection, because not only do they fit with gears, but 1x2 tiles and grills can attach fairly securely to the treads. This can allow you to include a variety of colours in the design, such as -Mainman- from Flickr's use of the small treads:

Zach on Flickr also uses the rubber treads, but the larger version and attaches 1x2 grills to create a much more interesting texture and grip compared to just the rubber surface:

Here are the pieces on Bricklink:{"color":11,"iconly":0},%20Technic%20(34%20tread%20'links')&category=%5BTire%20&%20Tread%5D#T=S&O={"iconly":0}


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