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#522 TECHNIQUES: Snowy landscape techniques

Continuing on with the festive techniques for all your holiday MOCs, today we'll be looking at 2 examples of techniques you can use for creating snowy landscapes.

The first uses various slopes and wedge plates, built up on a baseplate to create a natural looking terrain. This may sound simple, but it's actually very hard to get the landscape to look natural, so a lot of trial, error and practice is needed to get this to look good. -soccerkid6 on Flickr shows a great example of this technique in his 'Nordheim Keep' MOC, which you can check out here:

The second technique is very different to the first and has been used a lot recently in various MOCs such as those by RichBoyJhae and SolidBrix Studios on YouTube. They used this technique for salt flats, but the concept of positioning pieces on their sides or scattering studs and tiles can look great for snow too. The pictured MOC is by WG Productions on Flickr, which you can check out here:

Any other Christmas themed techniques you'd like to see on Tips&Bricks? Comment below and we may cover them!


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