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#531 Favourite Brick Friday: 32607 Plant Plate, Round 1 x 1 with 3 Leaves

Today's favourite brick is the newest addition to our foliage selection; the 3 leaf plant plate. This piece was only introduced this year, but has proved it worth in the techniques shown.

It is of course perfect for tree techniques, as the 3 leaves look great when stacked. Check out Grant Davis' and the Brick Ninja's posts on Flickr here:

It can also be used for detail in walls, as shown by Dr. Zarkow's on Flickr, because the plant piece is actually just a stud with 3 leaves attached, it can be easily inserted into walls, unlike many of the other plant pieces on other. Check out the post here:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Round%201%20x%201%20with%203%20Leaves&category=%5BPlant%5D#T=S&O={"iconly":0}


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