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#549 TECHNIQUES: Sphere techniques

It's never easy to create circular or curved shapes with LEGO, and spheres are the hardest of them all. Fortunately, today we'll looking at two awesome technique that make it look easy!

The first is by jerac on Flickr and uses a selection of curved slopes positioned at different angles with SNOT bricks. The particular pieces used make up a smooth and round sphere that really utilises the 3x3x2 Round Corner Brick or Quarter Dome and the overall appearance is great; not to complicated to make for yourself too. Make sure to follow jerac on Flickr for some great models:

The second technique is by Inthert and also uses curved slopes but utilises hinges too to create the sphere shape. Check out Inthert's photostream here and make sure to follow him if you aren't already, because he often posts tutorials of his builds for free too:


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