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#550 TECHNIQUES: Bird nest technique

Today's technique may seem extremely specific or niche, but when it looks this good it could have many other applications as well!

Kai NRG/Geneva on Flickr has created a detailed and uniquely textured bird nest using some interesting pieces and techniques. The most prominent piece is the elephant trunk in tan, that have been seemingly randomly scattered; but they are connected by various pieces such as droid arms. The key is that most of the connecting pieces are the same colour, so blend in and give a clean appearance despite the texture created.

I imagine this technique could also be used with brown pieces to create twigs on a forest floor or even as messy hair for a portrait or bust MOC.

Check out his profile on Flickr for some stunning builds from a wide range of themes:

And here is the elephant trunk piece on Bricklink:,%20Body%20Part%5D#T=S&C=2&O={"color":"2","iconly":0}


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