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#559 TIPS: LEGO Terminology - Part 1: Acronyms

If you're new to the custom building hobby, there's quite a lot of LEGO jargon and terminology to learn if you want to join the growing community. Today we'll be going over the most common ones; did you know all of them existed?

AFOL = Adult Fan of LEGO - a common term to describe LEGO fans

MOC = My Own Creation - a LEGO model built without any instructions

SNOT = Studs Not On Top - a building technique that uses pieces on their sides or at different angles, compared to building normally

SNIR = Studs Not In a Row - a building technique where pieces are offset or angled instead of built normally

LUG = LEGO User Group - a group of LEGO fans/builders that meet/interact

LDD = LEGO Digital Designer - a digital design software used to build digital LEGO models

NPU = Nice Part Use - a common phrase for complimenting a builder using a piece in a unique/interesting way

SHIP = Super Huge Investment in Parts - a large LEGO model, generally over 100 studs long

BURP = Big Ugly Rock piece - a large rock piece used in official sets, but doesn't allow for much detail

Next Saturday in part 2 we'll look at names for specific pieces as well as other terms such as the infamous 'illegal' building techniques.


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