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#561 MOC of the Week: 'Pitstop' by Tyler

It's one thing to have skill with building custom LEGO models, and it's another entirely to be a good photographer. When these too come together, a MOC can be elevated to it's full potential, as it has been in this photo by the builder Tyler.

He showcases his latest and greatest custom spaceship, but wished to photograph it in a setting other than just space. What he came up with was a pitstop for the model, showing it refuelling and being defended from attacking aliens.

The spaceship itself is expertly built it; some parts don't even look like LEGO. The large cone pieces ({"iconly":0}) used for the main shape of the ship are perfect fits and are complimented perfectly by his selection of other pieces; the wedge tiles in particular that are angled to match the cones. The relatively simple colour scheme could look boring, but with the contrasting gold and orange really being brought out by the photography, the subtly is a great choice.

Check out the MOC on Flickr here:


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