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#566 TIPS: LEGO terminology - Part 2: Common parts and phrases

If you're new to the custom building hobby, there's quite a lot of LEGO jargon and terminology to learn if you want to join the growing community. These terms and names have been adopted by the LEGO community; how many did you already know about?

'Illegal' techniques - building techniques that put stress on the pieces or don't fully connect them

Dark Ages - a period in a LEGO fans life where they step away from the hobby to pursue other interests, sometimes selling their collection

Modified pieces - pieces such as plates or bricks that have extensions or protrusions such as clips that make them useful

Greebles - technical details added to models to enhance their appearance but serve no mechanical purpose

Blay/Bley - Bluish Gray/Grey refers to the current LEGO gray/grey, compared to the old version which was yellower in colour

Cheese slope - a 1x1 slope that has a 33 degree angle, named because of it's similar shape to a piece of cheese

Headlight brick - a 1x1 modified brick with a indented stud on the side, also known as a washing machine or Erling brick

Jumper plate - a 1x2 plate with only 1 stud in the center

Travis brick - a 1x1 modified brick with studs on all sides

We covered a bunch of acronyms last week, so if you missed it check it out here:


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