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#579 Favourite Brick Friday: 507452/3 x 2 x 2 Vehicle Mudguard

Today's post was inspired when I was sorting through my part collection and realised I had a lot of these vehicle mudguards pieces. I've always loved the design of them, so I decided to create some small applications for them beyond their usual use for vehicles.

I created 3 table scraps shown in the picture. These include engine details, a cargo container and my personal favourite; a detailed pillar/column using SNOT bricks to line them up the mudguards.

These pieces have also be recognised for their utility by The Backward One on Flickr, who created an engine design:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Mudguard%204%20x%202%201/2%20x%201%202/3%20with%20Arch%20Round&category=%5BVehicle,%20Mudguard%5D#T=P&C=85


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