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#580 TIPS: How to organise your LEGO collection

Today we'll be discussing the ways you can organise and sort your LEGO collection, as although not impossible, it's pretty hard to build MOCs if you're having to search through 3-feet deep bins of parts.

Everyone has their own preferred way of sorting, and some of these include:

- by part type - by size - by colour

Often these are combined because if you have a huge collection, placing all your dark bluish grey in one storage compartment might not be the best idea. In this case, you may need to sort by size or part type too, so that you can easily find the parts you're after.

Pictured are the various part types available (not including very specific types but the most used ones) as well as most of the current colours. This guide is from 2016 so doesn't include every colour you're likely to have in your collection, but it's a pretty clear representation. Check it out on Brickset here for the full image:


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