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#583 TECHNIQUES: Slope'n'clip conical technique

What a technique we're sharing today! It's another awesome one by balbo. on Instagram; if you're not already make sure you're following him:

We're calling this technique the slope'n'clip technique due to it's reliance on those two parts; slopes specifically 1x1, 1x2 cheese slopes and 1x1 clips. These are connected together to form layers which are then attached to circular pieces of varying dimeter, creating the conical shape. The design is perfect for igloos or the stone huts from Star Wars Episode 8, as the sides are show only a few gaps to not be noticeable but still add a rough texture.

DISCLAIMER: We are aware that this connection is unconventional and seen by some as 'illegal', meaning it puts stress on pieces. Despite being controversial, the overall effect of the technique is too good not to share! Therefore please don't just comment "this is illegal"; thanks in advance!


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